Quirky Trees Available

Give a Quirky tree a home this Christmas!
We have trees which have been damaged which we wouldn't rent to customers as our "perfect" trees.  They may have a branch missing, could be "twisted" where they haven't grown properly, or could be full at the front but be not so at the back. 

These look very sad when all their perfect buddies have been rented out and we thought there might be someone out there who would like to give a home to one of these quirky trees over Christmas.
If you would like to rent one of these trees, please complete an order to let us know your requirements - would you like one suitable for a corner, or to stand up against a wall, or would you just like one that's completely quirky to match your personality?   Available for rental at a reduced price.

Please give a home to a "Quirky" this Christmas!

Photograph decorated Quirky tree
This is how your Quirky tree could look once decorated!

3'1-3'6  £27
3'7-4'    £30
4'-4'6"   £34
4'7-5'    £37
5'1-5'6  £40
5'7-6'    £44
6'1-6'6  £47

To order please use the order form:
Please let us know if you have any special requirements: To stand against a wall/ in a corner/ missing limbs/twisted, etc.
We can then let you know if we have a Quirky to suit your requirements and available delivery/collection dates.