Paul victim of hit-and-run

Why we are unable to operate this year

Whilst standing at the back of our car in a car park looking for something in his toolbox to help someone out, Paul was victim of a hit and run (by an untraceable driver) which shattered his left lower leg and caused a soft tissue injury – similar to a bad sprain – to his right ankle.  He had to have two operations to have a metal rod inserted down his left tibia to hold the bone together along with screws.   His tibia and fibula still aren’t healed and are cause for concern.  We’ve been hoping and praying that he’d be fit enough to deliver trees again this year, but this is proving not to be the case.  His latest hospital appointment revealed the bones still aren’t healing.  This means, regretfully, as we personally deliver our trees to customers, we will not be able to rent out our trees this year.


I am so sorry to have to disappoint you but hope you will understand and try us again next year.