Christmas Tree

Living Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide (the air we exhale) and emit oxygen.  Thus improving the air quality and helping us feel good.  All the better for us! 

Christmas Tree

They are cared for all year round by us and only removed from the ground in their special pots just before the delivery date to be brought to your home.  So they will be ultra fresh and as they haven't been in nets for weeks, their shape should be as near perfect as possible. 

Christmas Tree

Cut Christmas trees are cut through their trunks (& killed) and netted weeks before Christmas and would have been unwatered for this time.  They are often dried out, turning brown and the needles drop before the festivities.  

You don't need to "do the rounds", visiting garden centres, nurseries, Christmas tree sellers to find a tree that's just right for your home.  We only rent Christmas trees we would personally be pleased to have in our home.  By renting your tree, you are not making those little trips using fuel, time and energy - cutting your carbon footprint.  


When our trees grow too big for homes and businesses, they are donated to forests to continue their life cycle - they are never killed.  They will continue to provide habitats for birds, squirrels and insects once they leave us. 


You will be "doing your bit", like us, to give back to the environment.... Cut your carbon footprint from this Christmas and rent a living Christmas tree from Forever Green Christmas Trees