We will be offering the following pot-grown Christmas trees for rental over the Christmas period 2018, available from 3ft - 6ft 6ins:

  • Norway Spruce - traditional Christmas tree

    Norway Spruce - The traditional Christmas tree found in many homes during December.  It has the shape, smell and tradition of Christmas past.  This is the species of Christmas tree which is donated by the people of Oslo, Norway to the people of London every year since 1947 as a sign of gratitude for help during the 2nd world war.  The tree is prominently displayed in Trafalgar Square, London during the Christmas season (it's usually over 20m tall!).

  • Nordman Fir - This tree has become increasingly popular as a Christmas tree.

    Nordman Fir - Originally from south Russia, this tree has become increasingly popular as a Christmas tree.  The tree presents a wide conical shape and the branches are not too dense.  The needles are soft and broad which gives a "full" appearance and they have a slight Christmassy fir-tree scent.

  • Fraser Fir - New to UK but very popular in USA

    Fraser Fir - Quite new to the UK but very popular in Eastern USA.  Has soft, wide and flat, dark green needles.  The  Fraser fir tends not to be as "full" as the Nordman and the base is not as wide, making it an ideal Christmas tree if space is at a premium.

Please note, living Christmas trees are natural - they are all unique and are not regular in shape.  The pictures above are large mature trees over 10 feet, over 20 years old.

There is the facility to rent the same tree each year as every tree is tagged.

The trees will be delivered from late November and collected in January.  

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