I bought a cut Christmas tree and the needles dropped before Christmas.  Will this happen with your trees?

Our trees are living with a root system in pots and are treated just like houseplants whilst in your home, therefore no/minimal needle-drop.


I dread the trip to the nursery/garden centre or Christmas tree farm amid the increased traffic around the festive season.

We deliver your tree on an agreed date and collect after Christmas at no extra cost to you.


How am I able to choose the right size tree for the space required in my home?

We are able to offer trees from 3ft - 7ft (91cm - 213cm) so will be able to supply the required size, subject to availability.  So whether you want a small tree for a hallway table or a larger tree as the focal point of your room, we will be able to supply!


What if I don't like the shape of the tree that's delivered?

If for any reason you do not like the tree supplied, it can be exchanged.  Please bear in mind that natural Christmas trees are not shaped like artificial trees. We do our best to cultivate well shaped and sturdy trees.


I love the tree that's been delivered.  Can I rent the same one next year?

Yes!  If you feel the supplied tree is ideal for your home and would like to rent the same one the following year, we can arrange that for you.  All our trees are individually tagged and easily identifiable.


What lights can I use?

Whilst we recommend that you use LED lights as they run at a lower temperature and use less energy, you can use any lighting designed for Christmas trees - please, no open flames such as candles.


Can I add my Christmas tree decorations?

Yes.  Your tree will be delivered with a silver or gold pot (your choice) and ready for you to decorate to your taste.  Your tree is living and we'd like to keep it that way so please, NO ARTIFICIAL SNOW/GLITTER SPRAYS.  Don't forget to remove your decorations before your tree is collected, especially plastic silver/gold lametta.


Is there a difference between pot-grown and potted Christmas trees?

Yes, there is.  Our pot-grown Christmas trees are grown from saplings in special pots in the ground, which ensures, when lifted, the root system is not damaged.  A potted Christmas tree is grown directly in the ground, dug up and put into a pot for that Christmas.  This process damages the roots and often leads to the death of the tree resulting in needle-drop.


I bought my cut Christmas tree from a garden centre.  Are you able to collect it from me?

No, so very sorry.  We cannot collect any Christmas trees other than our own as we like to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  You can contact your local council who often have a scheme to collect real Christmas trees and they turn them to mulch.  If, however, you have one of our trees, we arrange a mutually convenient date and time after Christmas to collect from you.