What do you mean.... "Eco-friendly..."?

Forever Green Christmas Trees subscribes to a code of conduct which ensures that crops are sustainable and do not cause damage to the local wildlife.  (See how our office is Eco-friendly too).

Throughout their growth cycle, Christmas trees recycle carbon dioxide by turning it into fresh oxygen.  In fact, just one acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen to support 18 people.

Tree farms provide habitats for wildlife and several species of bird and we take account of these habitats in the cultivation of our trees.

All our trees are grown (complete with root balls) in special pots (in the ground) which allow them to be uplifted, rented in those pots and replanted at our farm after the Christmas season, where we care for them (water, feed, prune and keep free of pests/diseases) all year round so they are available for future generations to enjoy.

It is estimated that in London alone nearly one million Christmas trees are simply thrown away after Christmas and, in fact, only a small percentage are recycled.  At Forever Green Christmas Trees we aim to reclaim/reuse 100%.  Any thinnings, cuttings or dead trees are chipped and used as mulch to help retain water, supress weeds and return nutrients to the soil.

Use of pesticides and herbicides

Christmas trees are subject to pests and diseases, just like any other crop.  To combat this, Forever Green Christmas Trees firstly uses natural methods, i.e. hand-weeding, neem oil for pest control, etc.  If, however, this proves not to be effective, we use the bare minimum chemicals necessary.

Living vs Artificial?

Artificial Trees are usually non-biodegradable and the manufacturing process contributes noxious fumes to the environment.  If thrown away, artificial trees will spend centuries degrading in landfill sites and, if burnt, can release deadly toxins into the air.

The long-haul transport of artificial trees manufactured in the Far-East impacts the environment and adds to carbon emissions.

Living vs Artificial?......   no contest!  Help save the environment... Give the planet a Christmas present .....   Rent a living Christmas tree from us!